5. Find People with High Heart Rates

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If you're looking for a date, you should go somewhere where heart rates are high, because it'll automatically increase your sex appeal.

The gym is an excellent place to scout for partners, because it’s easier for people to find each other attractive when their bodies are already mimicking the signs of attraction.

Since everyone's bodies are already sweating and their hearts are beating fast, they'll fall for you easier.

Wear Red


Totally agree with you @sarahB !!!!! Majority of men HATE the "30 pounds of makeup on your face" look.
Male friends*
Just from hanging out with my boyfriend and make friends I have learned one thing, men are attracted to pretty much anything. We could wear a garbage bag and men would still find us sexy. But I've always heard my bf and his friends say they are more attracted to women who don't wear a lot of makeup and look comfortable. Sometimes we try to hard when really were already sexy to begin with!
Lisa Marie
You're absolutely right Alyx! Beautifully spoken!
Well said indeed!
What Alyx said.
Kathleen Alyssa Moortel
Well said Alyx
Be careful with vanilla scents. Men either love it or hate it. In studies it's voted most attractive by plenty but it's also voted least sexy by tons too. If you're buying a scent because you want it to attract someone - don't. Buy a scent YOU like. And someone who takes interest in you will always associate that scent with you. Wear a signature scent of your own, not of a majority of women. Also, everybody is different in what they like. Some men are attracted to red, but an ex friend of mine always thought women who wore red to bars were hookers or desperate, because they are wearing the color of sex on their chest. It really all depends on the person. Do you. Don't do anything for other people. Do it for you.
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