7. Show off Your Skills

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Sex appeal isn't all about physical attraction.

It's also about your personality.

If you're skilled at singing, get on stage at a talent show or perform at a club.

If you're great at baking, bring in some cookies for the office or make YouTube videos to show off your stuff.

Once a man sees how talented you are, he'll find you irresistible.

Dress to Impress


Lisa Marie
You're absolutely right Alyx! Beautifully spoken!
Well said indeed!
What Alyx said.
Kathleen Alyssa Moortel
Well said Alyx
Be careful with vanilla scents. Men either love it or hate it. In studies it's voted most attractive by plenty but it's also voted least sexy by tons too. If you're buying a scent because you want it to attract someone - don't. Buy a scent YOU like. And someone who takes interest in you will always associate that scent with you. Wear a signature scent of your own, not of a majority of women. Also, everybody is different in what they like. Some men are attracted to red, but an ex friend of mine always thought women who wore red to bars were hookers or desperate, because they are wearing the color of sex on their chest. It really all depends on the person. Do you. Don't do anything for other people. Do it for you.
Tanned skin ladies look fab in red including myself
peony blue
Yes loads of sleep I am still sceptical about wearing red. Interesting good post though
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