7. Show off Your Skills

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Sex appeal isn't all about physical attraction. It's also about your personality. If you're skilled at singing, get on stage at a talent show or perform at a club. If you're great at baking, bring in some cookies for the office or make YouTube videos to show off your stuff. Once a man sees how talented you are, he'll find you irresistible.

Dress to Impress


Hello everyone
I always wear red, not because its attractive but because my friends always tell me that red suits my personality...
Lol πŸ‘†πŸΎ
And a cute ass
And perky boobs
I have sexy leg
Calm, gracious, warm and a radiant presence is very sexy.
Wow!! Just recently separated and was so apprehensive about meeting eligible men, it's been 23 years and just don't know how to get back into it. I'm fearfully !
Shannon Bauer
I need someone use help me
Sapna Pathak
Have a good eye contact with the person I believe when someone has interest in u he automatically scans for u n his eyes speaks his heart
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