How to Make Him Chase You 💑 after a Breakup 💏 💋 ...


Going through a breakup doesn't mean your feelings just disappear along with all the outward trappings of your relationship. Love isn't a faucet – you can't turn it on or off at will. It doesn't matter who broke up with whom, either, and even the reason for the breakup doesn't always matter – sometimes you want your ex to chase you. It may be because you aren't ready to give up on the relationship, because you just can't let go, or because you want your ex to want you even if you don't want him or her anymore. Whatever the case, here's how to get your ex to chase you after a breakup.

1. Contact? Nope! You Better Not Reach out 📞

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I know, this probably seems like the exact opposite of what you should do, right? If you're trying to make him chase you, don't you need to stay in touch? No, no way, absolutely not! You have to make yourself scarce, you have to act like you don't want to talk to your ex at all. Resist the urge to reach out at all costs!

Become a Bit Unavailable to Him if He Does Reach out 🙅


I legit broke it off with my ex no less than an hour ago after we were apart for 6 months. Don't go back to an ex it's bad news, in fact just stay single, it's not even worth it
Jacci Leigh
Never works the second time around
If it didn't work the first just a total waste the second time move on lady's no man is worth chasing on waiting around for some one to chase you hey were all grown not children.
Love is a choice , not an emotion.
I still love him and he said he wanted to just be friends but he texts me everyday so I just stopped taking everything to the heart every time he says something a jerk would say.
time - yes you still love home; but ladies love does not mean open the door to be treated like a doormat to be walked on, walked over
how about you want him to chase because he was not respecting you in the first place - not giving enough to
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