Tips for ❓How to Make Him Chase YouπŸƒ after You Slept with Him πŸ›οΈ ...


So, let's say you slept with someone you're really into, someone you'd love to hang out with, hook up with, and maybe even get serious with.

Whatever the case, you want to keep him (or her!) interested, too, which means doing everything possible to get him to chase after you.

Now, obviously, the best thing to do is to just be honest and say what you want, straight out.

If he's into it, awesome.

If he's not, no problem.

Sometimes a subtle approach is better, though, not to mention more comfortable, so here are a few foolproof techniques to make him chase you after you hook up!

1. Bask in the Afterglow as Much as Possible

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The afterglow is amazing – as long as you're spending it with someone you really want to be with, that is!

It's so great to experience it with someone you've got great chemistry with, someone who makes you feel comfortable, and someone you can actually be intimate with.

Spend it talking, cuddling, dozing – or a bit of each!

Don't Make Demands on Him, Especially if It is More of a One-night-stand
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