2. Post Couple Pictures on Social Media

Post Couple Pictures on Social Media

Make it clear that you and your boyfriend are together by posting adorable photos of the two of you together. Don't go overboard. Just post a picture every once in a while.

Stay by His Side at Parties


Mark your territory? Why should I have too "mark" my man when I trust him? Men aren't dogs and neither are women. If a man was using these rules too mark me as his "territory" I'd be offended so I wou...
Yuki Kimono
Promise ring??? I'm 30 not 15. I trust my bf. I wouldn't do these things
It's funny when women get over affectionate with their man when I walk by. Chill girl, I don't want him πŸ˜‚
Seriously? Omgosh...as Jacqueline wrote, pathetic.
Jacqueline Amador
This is pathetic. No woman should have to do this and if you find the need to there's obviously a problem in your relationship. Either it's you or him. And yes I agree with the last comment. It would not only be controlling but needy and suffocating. NO.
Men sort of invite that kind of attention, when your with someone you love and trust and its mutual your body language and energy are enough to keep other women away...now if your constantly having the problems listed its time to evaluate your relationship
This are great advice :) mens mostly can't say stop to the mistresses so it would be better to keep an eye open ...for the rest ..good luck to every woman who loves her man :/
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