4. Kiss Him in Public

Kiss Him in Public

If you see a woman eyeing your man, all you have to do is lean in and give him a quick kiss. It'll make it clear he's with you.

Exchange Promise Rings


Jacqueline Amador
This is pathetic. No woman should have to do this and if you find the need to there's obviously a problem in your relationship. Either it's you or him. And yes I agree with the last comment. It would not only be controlling but needy and suffocating. NO.
Men sort of invite that kind of attention, when your with someone you love and trust and its mutual your body language and energy are enough to keep other women away...now if your constantly having the problems listed its time to evaluate your relationship
This are great advice :) mens mostly can't say stop to the mistresses so it would be better to keep an eye open ...for the rest ..good luck to every woman who loves her man :/
6 is funny! 7,13, & 16 might be a little too much... :/ but great article and funny gifs! ❀️
Elke Klugkist
This seems pretty pathetic to me. If you and the boyfriend have had the talk and you are in an exclusive relationship then leave it at that. If other women want to flirt or hit on him, let them!! If h...
Stephanie Louise
This is ridiculous
There is little right with this article. If you need to mark "your" territory with a man ... I'd say it's not your territory to begin with. If he wants you, HE will make it known. @Fjdjsjd, you've got that soo right!
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