4. Kiss Him in Public

Kiss Him in Public

If you see a woman eyeing your man, all you have to do is lean in and give him a quick kiss. It'll make it clear he's with you.

Exchange Promise Rings


As a polyamorous I often find some posts inappropriate but this one is by far the most creepy. Your man is not your possession, you are not the possession of your man (and your girl is neither). Stop seeing him as an object.
Lol at order his food. Let him eat what he likes bitches! Hahaha
Seriously !!! It's all so kiddish ..
This article seems very childish...
Is this a 'joke' article? No grown woman would take this seriously and actually do these things.
Wow! After 16 points of not trusting your partner, you come up with the last point of trusting him! Really? Any guy would get suffocated like this ! Rather than you trying so hard to keep him with you, he'll dump you to breathe :D
Promise rings? Lol those things are silly. Actually, this article is kinda silly
This has to be for teenagers or highly insecure women. I am no raving beauty, but I have never been insecure, even in a relationship when I was a teenager. Flip this around if men were to mark their territory, women would be up in arms over it.
Immature and pathetic
This is what teenagers do. Not a grown woman. If your man isn't trustworthy then he isn't worth your time or anything for that matter. So act like a lady honey bobo
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