5. Exchange Promise Rings

Exchange Promise Rings

Some men hate jewelry, but you might be able to convince your man to wear a promise ring. It'll work just like a wedding ring and ward other women away.

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How about I give my whole life up & dedicate it to guarding him? Like this is written for fun, right? It MUST BE for laughs!
The only thing I can comment on is how every takes things so personally! Lol if you're not insecure why did you read the article?! Bless it...denial is a form of insecurity bro 😎 everyone's got some issues= life.
We wear both commitment ring , not for anyone else just for US
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ this is funny ...from what i know is that if a guy loves you he wnt do anything to hurt you so parading my rlshp in the social media lol i wll be risking my love life bcoz they the gi...
Lacie Nelson
This article is truly funny. I tend to think anyone that follows the suggestions will be on the ID channel in the next few years… LOL
Well if all her posts are jokes then sure now I get it. But still, it's not that obvious her articles are a joke
April Fools....but, uh, it's October...having read many of Holly's posts on aws, I have to believe this is meant to be satirical so that she can make point #17, which is the only one that makes sense!...
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