Best Responses to "I Love You" πŸ“³ for Women Who Aren't Quite Ready 🀐 πŸ’˜ ...


If your partner says those three little words before you're ready to say them back, there are phrases you can use that should prevent his feelings from getting hurt. After all, he shouldn't expect you to use the L word if it's a lie. Most men will appreciate your honesty, as long as you handle the situation delicately. If your man's feelings are stronger than yours, here are a few different ways to respond to "I love you" without saying it back:

1. β€œI’m so Lucky to Have You.”

This is one of the best ways to respond, because it will show him that you're happy to have him in your life. Even though you're not ready to say the words yet, it'll suggest that you'll be able to say them one day. You just need more time.

β€œHow Much?”


The Queen Of Bitches
Just say of course u do everyone does. If u don't like that guy that much.
@RXTee hahahaaaaa
I said thank you and he said fuck you :/
You can smile and give him a kiss. You can say "I am crazy about you." ( :
Since when?he quickly answered me the month he meet me.Thank you!he got angry on me.He don't like my responce thank you.
Why cant we just say simply "me too"
Thank you! I got this from a guy like 5 times a day and had to get creative with my responses!
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