5. “since when?”

You can either say this phrase as a joke, or you can ask it as a serious question.

After all, if he says the L word out of the blue, it's only natural for you to want to know why he suddenly feels so strongly for you.

“I Know.”


I can't wait tell my Bf that
My BF always says I LOVE YOU! To me and I sayi love u Mre and he likes thAt!
@Alexxis yes I get that but then you need to be honest with your partner about that and not mislead them.
@alka don't be rude. Some people just aren't ready to say I love you or they don't feel that strongly yet.
Just be real if you love him then say you love him back life is to short for all the games.
You bitches are so fake. Just say I love you back. Dont play games. People have feeling and I love you is a very strong saying and people usually say it with passion. I mean you can do whatever is on this list but actually let him/her know you love them too. And if you dont love them, then dont use these just to continue leading them on. And girls complain guys are players...but damn look at yourself first before judging.
peony blue
A big smile back does the treat
tris prior 10b
you can say I love Youtube really fast and it'll sound like I love you too.
Just say of course u do everyone does. If u don't like that guy that much.
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