4. Learn the Signs of Lying

Learn the Signs of Lying

You shouldn't believe everything that comes out of a man's mouth.

Even though you'd feel guilty lying to him, he might be capable of lying to you through his teeth.

That's why you should learn the signs of lying.

If he's touching his face and refusing to look you in the eye, be weary of what he's saying.

He might be making everything up.

Date Multiple Men at Once


I just did all the no...I kept telling myself don't expect don't hope. I really like him on after d first date. On the 2nd I felt the connection I never had with any men, I went let's do it.. He respected when I said no 1st time. We did have a great time but now when I told him I like him n if he sees something I think it is a deal breaker..I felt he kinda shuts me out..I am kinda upset
Who can resist Chris Evans asking fir a DATE????
Don't ever text him first
Don't ever sleep with a man on the first date let weeks go by or months just to make sure that is what you want to do especially with him
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