7 Conclusive Signs That Tell You He is Single πŸ‘€πŸ‘€ ...


Whether you have your eye on someone, or you're currently getting to know a guy, how do you really know if he’s single?

Relationships can be tricky, and in the beginning, some people aren't exactly honest about their situations.

With a little investigating, you can get to the bottom of a guy’s relationship status.

1. Do a Little Innocent Snooping

If you're hanging out with a guy and you want to be absolutely sure he's single, do a little snooping when you're alone at his place.

For example, you can check his magazine rack to see what he's reading.

Be suspicious if there are magazines like Cosmo or Redbook in the stash.

Take a trip to the bathroom and quietly look underneath his cabinet for any evidence of a girlfriend (feminine hygiene products, pink razor blades, etc.


Check His Grocery Cart


Alyssa longoria
I like them all
This is too much..just ask him
This is lamo...
This whole article is trash. If you want to know just simply ask him!
2 is so dumb! Lots of guys buy foods that arent frozen and some of the world's top chefs are men. That is so disrepectful to men.
Instead of all this puzzle I would just go and ask stright farward, as simple as that.
Some of the "tips" are so sexist
Halo Girl
Shannon that doesn't make any sense
Shannon Bauer
I am so single I am so only and mom and dad I can help me someone who love me that way I don't have someone who somebody u love me back like that I can use u guys help me what too can help me I can use u can spencer was first and than I com
Smart writeup
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