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Whether you have your eye on someone, or you're currently getting to know a guy, how do you really know if he’s single? Relationships can be tricky, and in the beginning, some people aren't exactly honest about their situations. With a little investigating, you can get to the bottom of a guy’s relationship status.

1. Do a Little Innocent Snooping

If you're hanging out with a guy and you want to be absolutely sure he's single, do a little snooping when you're alone at his place. For example, you can check his magazine rack to see what he's reading. Be suspicious if there are magazines like Cosmo or Redbook in the stash. Take a trip to the bathroom and quietly look underneath his cabinet for any evidence of a girlfriend (feminine hygiene products, pink razor blades, etc. )

Check His Grocery Cart


@Mj1994 not every guy lies! Most are honest ablut their relationship statua because now a days with social media there isnt much you can hide in terms of that.
Here's the thing about"just ask him" : they lie.
I like the pink razor!
Callie April
Or, you could just ask him!
peony blue
I rather he did all the hard work just to find out if I was single or not.
I agree if you want to know depending where u meet him(ie school) you can just observe him. If he ask u out u can say 'are you sure it's ok with your gf... Lol' His response could be your answer. If ...
Alyssa longoria
I like them all
This is too much..just ask him
This is lamo...
This whole article is trash. If you want to know just simply ask him!
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