5. He Gives You an Eyebrow Flash


This is a tough one to spot, but it's an obvious sign of attraction.

When a man first sets his sights on you, try to see if his eyebrows raise a bit.2

If he finds you attractive, he'll subconsciously flash his eyebrows up and down.

The movement only lasts a moment, though, so keep your eyes open.

He Preens Himself


peony blue
OK and Oh @Cooch...qhat are you a man or a mouse. Refrain from being so uncouth.
Realizing your best guy friend might like you like "well it's not my fault I'm so fabulous."
Emily Robinson
I find myself doing the torso one a lot. Oops.
The last one is actually pretty cute. Hehehe...
My last boss did the touching part a whole lot.
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