5. Does He Want to Date?

Does He Want to Date?

Good guys will ask you out on "real" dates in order to get to know you. Bad boys will tell you they don't believe in labels and then ask you over to Netflix and chill.

Is He Mean to Strangers?


Christine Alwyn
Other than staring at the mirror everything was a non match ..
Hilarious. Pretty dead on
Bad boys don't go to the strip club because they don't need to. Good guys get embarrassed by it. Strip clubs are for lonely losers with no game.
Some of these are true and some aren't...I'm not sure I agree 100%.
Love it
Mariuxi R Cadena
Right Chiggy, maybe he just wants to make sure he looks good for YOU! πŸ™ƒ
Nice article#
Shinjinee Das
I found some which matches and some which do not.
Is the good guy not allowed to stare at the mirror ??!
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