How to Turn Him down ✌️ when You're Just Not That into Him πŸ™… ...


Today's dating scene is brutal.

Whether you meet people through dating apps, online, or in person, things are getting pretty serious.

We live in an age where some men react negatively to rejection, even when it's polite and respectful.2

Women and girls who turn down dates are, at best, told that they're fat and ugly anyway.

At worst, they are threatened with humiliation, rape, and death.

Not all men are like this, by any means – nobody thinks that all men behave that way – but I would wager that every woman has been insulted or threatened for turning down a date.

Especially on dating apps, if you ignore someone you're not interested in, you're abused.

If you say β€œno thanks” or that it isn't a good match, you get abused.

So what's the right way to turn down a guy when you're not into him?2

I don't think there is a right way, given that they're all so divisive, but here are some suggestions.

1. Take Nancy Reagan's Advice and Just Say β€œno”

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Sometimes simple is better.

2. Try the Gentle Approach and Tell Him That It's Not Him, It's You

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If you're going for a low-key, gentle approach, this is a tried and true line.2

3. Kindly Explain That You're Just Not into Him like That

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You can always be nice while explaining that you're not into someone.

4. Make Direct Statements Using β€œI,” β€œme,” and β€œmy”

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This puts the focus on you and your feelings, in the hopes that the man you turn down won't get it twisted.

5. Become as Unavailable as Possible

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In some instances, ghosting is the only thing you can do.2

6. Tell Him You're Not Ready for a Relationship

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Hopefully, this won't devolve into a request for a friends with benefits relationship.

Or Tell Him You Already Have a Boyfriend
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