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When you separate from your partner, there's a common desire to try to "win" the breakup. Even after you and your ex are no longer together, the urge to impress him doesn't go away. In fact, it gets stronger. After all, if you "win" the breakup, then your ex will feel like a fool for letting you get away. Love shouldn't be a competition, but if you have your heart set on "winning" the breakup, then here are a few ways you can do so:

1. Never Drunk Text Him

It's normal to miss your ex, but you should refrain from drunk texting him. If you send him sloppy messages about how you wish things would've worked out, then he could lose respect for you. One drunk text could ruin your chances of "winning" the breakup, so stay sober (or at least keep your phone far away) if you want to keep your dignity.

Let Him See You Happy


Rebecah Celeste
we can do this ❤️
Rebecah Celeste
and maybe finding a cute guy to get our mind off of it even if we think we can't get someone better or we don't want anyone
Rebecah Celeste
coconut oil, face masks, meditation and friends are all we need to over come this.
Rebecah Celeste
the way we deserve.
Rebecah Celeste
girls were all hot as fuck, show them WE DONT NEED THEM. we're still stuck on the mentality that they're the only ones we need and want in order to be happy and it isn't true. There is so many guys ou...
Rebecah Celeste
damn my break up is hard
But what if he wants to stay friends and refuses to acknowledge that the relationship happened unless you're really obviously upset by it...  That makes it kind of difficult to move on...
I was with someone for 7 years. He broke up with me I became a flight attendant. That kept me busy and I forgot about him. 5 years later he finds out and asks me to marry him. 😂 no chance and I won!
Lizzie Hendrix
I was in a two year relationship he cheated on me and I am so in love with him now he is with the girl he cheated on me for and he loves her more than he loves me my heart is broken
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