16. Trying to Change Him


A man wants you to like him for who he is.

If you decide to date him, but then try to change his personality or appearance, he’s going to feel like he’s not good enough for you.

You’re only going to hurt his ego.

If you don’t like him, then find a new man instead of trying to change the one you have.2

Making Him Jealous


there is this guy am interested in but he seem not to care about .i think he knows that i like him..i call him so many times but he never does ,i text him but his massages be too short don't know what to do but i just like him too much. please advice me
Kathleen Angell
this is a persons opinions. every man is different just some things might be the same
Ritchie V
I love Class Women, not " The Only was is Essex type of Girl " But You know what, what a person is on the inside is more important, not a Bitchy self centered Woman
Ritchie V
A good subtle perfume is Sexy, a cheap stale one isn't we can tell, if you have a classy taste in perfumes.
@leo ikr!! I have long nails and my bf loved em cx
leo vixx
I feel like the nails one is rubbish. Nails are beautiful, and if the guy really liked you he would be encouraging towards your interests. I personally love growing long nails and doing nail art.
this an amazing app..been using it for a month now.. thousands of arts u can upload n share too !! :D https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.stylecraze.nailart
Vinod Sharma
@Casie, just let it be..
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