19. Too Much Makeup


Even though it's a women's choice to wear the amount of makeup she wants, men have an opinion on it – and they're entitled to a physical preference, as long as they don't make someone feel bad about it.

When guys say they like a β€œnatural look,” however, it's often because they don't know what concealer, bronzer, mascara, and highlighter can really do.

Pretending to Be Clumsy


"number 15- not offering to pay" lol I think that's funny. But this is just my own opinion, I think guys should always pay for a girl no matter if he ur boyfriend or just guy friend. If u a dude then u should pay for the girl. I feel like guys who don't pay is just broke bums who don't wanna work for nothing.
this is kinda sexist, "Don't be to easy, if you are, you're a whore! But don't play hard to get, that just makes you interesting!!" I just find that misogynistic....
ladies!!!! takes 2 to tango !!!
thanks. probably not making your boyfriend feel like he was being loved by you.
These are all a bit obvious! Some of these are even just things you shouldn't be - rude?! Of course it's a turn off haha this is a ridiculous post.
You know, compromise is the key in a relationship as well. Why do you all keep complaining about changing for a man? Just communicate and compromise. Complaining won't bring you far in a relationship. -.-
Me again for something not on your list. A lot of my male friends agree with me about this: we don't want to hear that we are just like your father. The first girl I dated in college was particularly bad with this - there were so many times I did or said something that would cause her to snuggle up to me, look at me with dreamy, adoring eyes, then say, "You're just like my dad." Adios - it's been fun. I like to think I learn a little bit when I stumble into a web site like this.
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