19. Too Much Makeup


Even though it's a women's choice to wear the amount of makeup she wants, men have an opinion on it – and they're entitled to a physical preference, as long as they don't make someone feel bad about it.

When guys say they like a β€œnatural look,” however, it's often because they don't know what concealer, bronzer, mascara, and highlighter can really do.

Pretending to Be Clumsy


@Tim S, The impression I got was that the "playing" part was the issue-for whatever reason, downplaying your intelligence to get a guy. I've known women who've done that because they feel a guy will be threatened by them if they're "too smart"...I say screw that, if he can't deal with an intelligent woman than he's not worth your time!
@Ash Wilson, my husband doesn't like me to wear makeup at all, maybe lipstick but that's it. He says he's afraid it will rub off on him! I rarely wear makeup anyway.
@Taurus, ugh, I hate it when people lecture others about things like that. If I wanted a lecture about how wrong I am about something, I'd call my dad. Well, he's not like that, but you get the point. It's something you'd expect a parent to do, not a partner. That also reminds me...nagging isn't very attractive to either gender, especially when said in a whiny tone of voice.
@anon, I know, but you'd be surprised. :)
Tim S
I am like rob puzzled how i ended up here but i can contribute a little i have been with my partner Hannah for 2 years now i certainly understand the issues with long nails and i dont have problem if girls/women want to wear them but it does hurt if you are too rough Hannah found out this with me and got really upset and wont wear them now aslo Hannah's not the smartest with certain things especially things i like such as motorsport so i think the acting dumb is a little sketchy because you cannot be perfect in every way so of course if you dont understand something you going to be acting dumb all time that thing is on.
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