20. Pretending to Be Clumsy


In general, it's always better to avoid pretending to be someone or something that you're not.

Being clumsy to get attention is a lot like dumbing yourself down – it reflects badly on you and it rarely works.

Acting Helpless


These are all a bit obvious! Some of these are even just things you shouldn't be - rude?! Of course it's a turn off haha this is a ridiculous post.
You know, compromise is the key in a relationship as well. Why do you all keep complaining about changing for a man? Just communicate and compromise. Complaining won't bring you far in a relationship. -.-
Me again for something not on your list. A lot of my male friends agree with me about this: we don't want to hear that we are just like your father. The first girl I dated in college was particularly bad with this - there were so many times I did or said something that would cause her to snuggle up to me, look at me with dreamy, adoring eyes, then say, "You're just like my dad." Adios - it's been fun. I like to think I learn a little bit when I stumble into a web site like this.
From a guy who has no idea how he ended up on this web site ... For the "too dependent" thing, the inverse is also true. Trying to hard to be independent can be a turn off too. As just one example based on something that happened to me: don't leave me twiddling my thumbs by myself for two hours while you try to figure out how to stop your faucet from dripping. In 10 minutes I give you a slow-and-easy demonstration and then undo the repair so that you can redo it to prove - to yourself - that you can do it the next time. Ditto for refinishing that garage sale table you bought and then sit in your garage for two years. Let your partner help once in a while - think about what the word "partner" is supposed to mean.
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