20. Pretending to Be Clumsy


In general, it's always better to avoid pretending to be someone or something that you're not. Being clumsy to get attention is a lot like dumbing yourself down – it reflects badly on you and it rarely works.

Acting Helpless


From a guy who has no idea how he ended up on this web site ... For the "too dependent" thing, the inverse is also true. Trying to hard to be independent can be a turn off too. As just one exam...
Wow that a lot thanks :)
Thanks πŸ’–!
Thanks πŸ’–!
wilma mascarenas
probably....and i think being insensitive too?it might be a plus and the other way around....haha
You know maybe if a guy doesn't get turned on by me being me, he can just jog the fuck on. This sort of article makes us sound like feminism never happened. If someone doesn't like you for you, don't change. They are not worthy of you.
The perfume thing goes both ways this one guy I slept with wore SO MUCH COLOGNE I didn't mind at the time but when I got home the next hour was like breathing death
Jazzye Will
@MsDesignDiva, Always carry your own money, put it in your pocket, shoe or bra!!
Kody Digre
@Patricia Frank, I like your upbeat positive comment but I hope no girls found any surprises on here.
Kody Digre
@betty, I would wager you're attractive despite those things not because of them.
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