21. Acting Helpless


Well, yeah.

In the same vein, you never need to make yourself seem incapable of something to get a guy to like you.

The damsel-in-distress trope is tired – and unnecessary.

Body Odor


guilty of some of these things.. truth hurts lol
you can say the same about what women don't like to. 2 way street.
people who are saying that this article is insulting are being dumb. I'm sorry but if you are rude and "too desperate" or gossip then u need to change, although I do believe the guy should pay. all of the things listed here are important to know, these are not good qualities to have. don't change yourself but just try to cut back alittle on these things if you do them. I see so many women out there today who do these things and wonder why nobody likes them... well theirs ur answer.
This is research being shared. No one needs to change anything. Just be aware of what most guys think about certain things. Not EVERY guy, most guys. Thank you @heather! Having this information is better than not knowing, whether others agree or not. This isn't an article about changingvoneself, it's a trove of information that can be used or not used. Either way knowledge is power. Thank you.
@Sarah Fox, no. Guys WILL like you for who you are if you are a kind human being. If one is a shallow, gossiping money seeker, others will not like you regardless of gender. @Heather merely points out behaviors that portray negative connotations to many men. Use the information to make a conscious decision about how you present yourself, rather than accidentally sending the wrong message. If you like long nails, keep the long nails, realizing most guys dont like them. Taken to the extreme I would tell a guy dont shower if you dont want to shower, but realize most women dont like stinky guys. Dont change... be aware.
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