22. Body Odor

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Well, that makes sense.

That's usually a turn off for women, too.

In general, it's a good idea to smell good, even if you don't use artificial fragrances.

And remember – don't smell β€œtoo perfumey”!

Never Complimenting Him


@Stephanie Kate Gould-Hardwick, I think it is only important to know what others think. Dont change yourself unless you want to change, but be aware of how your behavior is seen by others. In other words, dont get caught off-guard. Be aware that some things you think guys like can turn many of them off. Guys should also be aware that thing they do can turn women off. It is better to know than be ignorant. If you have something in your teeth, @Heather would be a friend and tell you.
@anon so if they look like Changing and have a fat wallet you're ready to listen... but if they can't support you you're ready to be yourself? Really? Why not just be yourself and be aware of what Heather is saying? You do know we have a name for those that will do anything for money, right? Dont be that shallow person. We all should be aware of how others view what we do. In fact, I'm trying right now to express what you sound like.
Sarah Fox
So basically,according to this; Guys will love you for who you are! Just don't have long nails Get off your high horse Offer to pay all the time Never ever be late Don't EVER gossip Don't be clingy at all Give him tons of space Only rely on him when you really need to Don't change him ever. Etc. so it's okay for then to change us with all of this stuff and make us feel like we have to be absolutely be perfect? Hell nah.
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