23. Never Complimenting Him

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Guys like compliments, too.

One should never seek validation without returning it somehow, you know?

Women feel unappreciated, unnoticed, and even unloved when the people in their life don't notice and compliment certain things.2

Men feel the same way.

Making Plans for Him


Hana Torkhani
Any ideas girls? πŸ’‹β€
Hana Torkhani
I'm over it and now he means nothing to me but i am just curious about the reason and my ego did'nt let me to text him and ask for the reason
Hana Torkhani
Isn't that really weird like why would he do something like that he didn't show any kind of disinterest in the date
Hana Torkhani
So i went on a date with a guy that i like for a while and from what i can see he likes me too!It was a successful date and he treated me so well and even started to plan another date but then after a couple of days he unfriended me on facebook fornoreason
Oline Marie
Generally speaking negatively can make him disappear faster than anything! Also, investing way too much in the beginning of the relationship/dating, as if you were already official
Summer Rose
Too many expectations it's stressful just be yourself in the right person would like you
Meg h
"Don't be too easy" "don't play hard to get" lol ok... which one
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