24. Making Plans for Him

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It's rude for any person to make plans for someone else without checking first.

A good rule of thumb is to avoid anything you wouldn't enjoy having done to you.2

The golden rule often comes in handy, huh?

Being Indecisive


Rosmery Estely
I loved this article enjoyed reading it lol
I am a guy, and I actually love long nails, but about 2 inches is the max.
Meg-Tam 18
Yeah Natalia is right Shanelle, I'm also from South Africa - I'm totally fine with that though :D
In other words, 17 things you shouldn't even care about because what other people want iand you should just be yourself and do what makes you happy?
i am a bit of a biter and i enjoy my man pulling my hair nd bitting me anyone out there that enjoys the same???
Clingy! The guy im dating gets 50 shades of irritated when i text him too much.
Another turn off might be asking dem for money
Yes it's true Shanelli, I am from South Africa
Sasha Rostov
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