25. Being Indecisive

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If you can never choose something, that … well, that can get annoying. It's a turn off when anyone does it, though, the gender doesn't matter. Am I right?

So girls, now that you know all of the turn-offs for guys! Makes it a little easier to know what to look for when you're turning a guy off right? So girls, what other turn-offs for guys do you know about?

This article was written in collaboration with editors Lyndsie Robinson and Holly Riordan.

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Another turn off might be asking dem for money
Yes it's true Shanelli, I am from South Africa
Sasha Rostov
My boyfriend actually gets offended when I offer to pay because apparently it's a custom back in South Africa that the guy always pays.... That's fine with me :P
Add being in everyone's business all the time. Hub hates it! I don't do it, but he has mentioned several times how disgusting he finds that particular #behavior. Anyone agree?
too easy its definitly a turn off i mean if a guy sees u as an easy target than he wont think about u as a girl with feelings he will think about u and an SEX OBJECT
@KaReN, i totally agree with u
#16&17; have been going on since the beginning of time , it's ok not to fall for the first guy that says what he thinks you want to hear, options is a good thing ! Ladies
Terra Johnson
#another turn off is the obvious... Body oder! Especially in the underwear area!!!!smelly breathe,feet,arm pits and just overall poor hygiene is a big TURN OFF ladies!
me and my fiancee can talk about our ex's, if ur going to be with someone u shud be able to talk about ANYTHING. And i offered to pay one time and he gave me a funny look and said no way thats my job,...
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