3. Too Desperate


Another turn-off for guys that they absolutely hate is a girl that seems too desperate.

If you are constantly clinging to him and constantly seeming that you can't live without your guy, it is too much.

A guy likes a girl that is independent and that only depends on him when she really needs help.

Remember that, girls, when you are clinging too hard to your man!

Playing Dumb


Rosmery Estely
I loved this article enjoyed reading it lol
Rosmery Estely
I loved this article enjoyed reading it lol
I am a guy, and I actually love long nails, but about 2 inches is the max.
Meg-Tam 18
Yeah Natalia is right Shanelle, I'm also from South Africa - I'm totally fine with that though :D
In other words, 17 things you shouldn't even care about because what other people want iand you should just be yourself and do what makes you happy?
i am a bit of a biter and i enjoy my man pulling my hair nd bitting me anyone out there that enjoys the same???
Clingy! The guy im dating gets 50 shades of irritated when i text him too much.
Another turn off might be asking dem for money
Yes it's true Shanelli, I am from South Africa
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