6. Being 'Too Easy'


Girls, this statement is not just about sex, it is about everything!2

Guys like to have someone that is interesting, someone that won't give away all of their secrets on the first date.

You want to leave some mystery there and make sure that you are keeping the relationship interesting and fresh.



Terra Johnson
#another turn off is the obvious... Body oder! Especially in the underwear area!!!!smelly breathe,feet,arm pits and just overall poor hygiene is a big TURN OFF ladies!
me and my fiancee can talk about our ex's, if ur going to be with someone u shud be able to talk about ANYTHING. And i offered to pay one time and he gave me a funny look and said no way thats my job, so this article isn't really true.
having a guy pay just because of statistics is crazy girls can pay just like you expect the guy to pay !
@Tim S, The impression I got was that the "playing" part was the issue-for whatever reason, downplaying your intelligence to get a guy. I've known women who've done that because they feel a guy will be threatened by them if they're "too smart"...I say screw that, if he can't deal with an intelligent woman than he's not worth your time!
@Ash Wilson, my husband doesn't like me to wear makeup at all, maybe lipstick but that's it. He says he's afraid it will rub off on him! I rarely wear makeup anyway.
@Taurus, ugh, I hate it when people lecture others about things like that. If I wanted a lecture about how wrong I am about something, I'd call my dad. Well, he's not like that, but you get the point. It's something you'd expect a parent to do, not a partner. That also reminds me...nagging isn't very attractive to either gender, especially when said in a whiny tone of voice.
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