9. Rude


Finally, the last turn-off for guys we're going to talk about is attitude and rudeness!

Guys don't like a girl that is rude to everyone around them and in general, has a bad attitude.

I'm not saying that you have to be happy-happy all of the time and we all get bad days, but if your bad days outweigh the good ones, don't take it out on anyone.

Sending Mixed Signals


Heather Jensen
Hi Jenna! These are from lots of different resources (lots of guys!) and our opinions. :)
Are these your opinions or did you read these in a magazine?
Now and then we enjoy a beer or a bit of fast food, just like you gals love shoe shopping....or just shopping. There's nothing more offputting when we've had some tasty food and you give us the guilt trip.......and then spend 25mins on it. All that finger wagging and OMG that's full of calories phrases. I won't wag my finger for spending big money on sexy heels for yourself ;) or sit you down and drag you through a verbal lecture of OMG we could have gone on holidays for that money.
Abby Mamaril
Keeping in mind for my boyfriend!!
I love a woman who's intelligent. I'm not talking being in mensa, but who knows stuff about the world. Another turn off, for me anyway is the orange fake tan craze that has been sweeping the UK+ireland. Don't hide your natural good looks, you can be gorgeous without fake tan too ;)
these all seem painfully obvious
Here's a couple...don't eat with your mouth open (goes for guys too), also, let a man be a gentleman (open doors, sit after you have sat down, etc), independence is one thing, but when you recognize that your guy is a gentleman, let him be one, it will make him feel good.
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