8. Massage Her a Bit ✋🏼


Yes, I mentioned that touching her was a good start, however, a massage will get her in the mood.

Start with her shoulders, then down her back and then move down her thighs.

Affection 💑


Josh Clark
@Anonymous, I know I'm a guy so u prob won't reply but I used to slowly start with her ear lobe and slowly kiss the nape of her neck not wet but dry used to drive her crazy
i think "unexpected kissing" is missing here :))
Heather Jensen
Totally! :) Great idea!
Olivia Holt
You should do one for boys!
Heather Jensen
Me too!! :)
May Nantakan
The hair touching is really turn me on. My boyfriend always touch my hair and I can feel his kindness.
Heather Jensen
Ditto! That's a huge turn-on for me! :)
I love the hair touching! I have never had a boyfriend but I always have loved my hair being moved around.
heylo ladies.... its so good to read this article.... but i do have a small question to ask u .... why is it that every girl looks into my eyes when an another girl passes by?? ( it kinda makes me feel irritated cos she has my full attention but she still has to play these games to judge me )
I agree! I find it very sensative to see a guy playing with his kids, or someone else's. It's adorable and makes me melt.
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