7 Important Questions to Answer before You Date Your Ex ...


There are a few important questions to answer before you date your ex if you are considering rekindling your relationship.

Your original relationship didnโ€™t work for a reason, so keep that in mind when you make the decision.

Of course, sometimes, this can be one of the best decisions youโ€™ll ever make, especially if you are meant for each other but you should still be careful to avoid getting hurt again.

Here are a few important questions to answer before you date your ex:

1. Are You Feeling Lonely?

One of the first questions you should ask yourself before you date your ex is if you are feeling lonely or if you really miss your ex.

You should want to get back together with them because you still love them and because you want to be with them and not because you feel lonely or because you havenโ€™t found someone else to date.2

Why do You Want to Date Your Ex?


I am considering getting back together with my ex from four years ago. We've both stayed on really good terms with each other, stayed in contact over the years. We have both been in relationships after our own, had completely moved on, but our experiences with our other partners were absolutely awful. Then, out of nowhere last week I received a message from him, and over the weekend we stayed up until 3am talking (twice). We both think very highly of each other, but not because things didn't work out with our other relationships, just because of the type of people we are and the way we treat others. We always treated each other with the care and respect the other deserved, never felt the need to rush anything, we really enjoyed being with each other (not sexually; we're both waiting until marriage) and spending time with each other. The only thing "wrong" with our relationship years ago was the timing, nothing else. Part of me wants to give us another try, and I think he might too. We're not currently discussing such a topic, but if the opportunity presents itself and we both feel comfortable with it, we might give it another try.
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