7 Important Things Girls Wish All Guys Knew ...


There are plenty of things girls wish all guys knew. Some men know these valuable things, but not every guy is aware of them. Theyโ€™ve either never been told or refuse to belive itโ€™s the truth.. It would be nice if every man was informed about the simple things girls wish all guys knew.

1. Bad Boys

Some guys think that the saying, โ€œnice guys finish last" is true. Some girls have a thing for bad guys, but no-one wants a man who is rude and aggressive. A man should never physically or mentally abuse a female. One of the things girls wish all guys knew is that sweetness isnโ€™t a weakness. A guy doesnโ€™t have to be overly romantic or sentimental, but he canโ€™t be a brute.

Genuine Compliments


@Laraine Clarke true, sharing the job gets it done faster. Then you can both relax. Should be the same for students living together.
@Jaer true we should be willing to reveal our feelings to each other no matter what gender we are.
It might be old fashioned but I think a guy should alway offer, at least, to pay for a meal
Do you mean that a man doesn't need to be the sole provider? if a man has a family, he definitely needs to provide for them.
Laraine Clarke
Here is an extra thought. If you both work, then a guy should not sit down relaxing while the women does all the housework, cooking and shopping on top of her job. I told my son, work together and play together.
Ya Tan
Tell the guys all this 😂
Niah H
you should do this thing but for girls instead. I could think of some things
I agree very much with everything here!
Also about number 4 girls also have to realize they shouldn't keep their feelings hidden they need to let it out to or u could also be missing out on one of the greatest things that could've been speaking from expirience here xD lol
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