7 Important Things to do when Someone You Love Disrespects You ...


We've all been faced with those hurtful moments when you don't know what things to do when someone you love disrespects you.

It's easier to let things roll off your back when it's someone we aren't close to, but when it's a person we love and trust, those hurts run much deeper.

With some careful thought, you can navigate the things to do when someone you love disrespects you without making things worse and hopefully begin the process of reconciliation

1. It's All in Your Tone

I've discovered that one of the most important things to do when someone you love disrespects you, is to maintain a respectful tone.

Our instincts tell us to be on the defensive and lash out to protect ourselves.

This isn't' the best method for maintaining healthy relationships.2

While it may feel good in the moment, disrespecting the person who just offended you will not only make things worse, but it lowers you to their level.

Be the bigger, more mature person and speak with an appropriate tone, one that you would like in return.

2. Hold Back on Your First Thoughts

Most of the time your first thoughts are ones of equal or greater offense towards the person who just disrespected you.

It takes a lot of strength (and maturity!) to bite your tongue and hold back those thoughts.

I know we are all guilty of saying things in the heat of the moment which we later regret.

Once words are out there, they can't be taken back so choose them wisely!

3. Walk Away Temporarily

One of the best responses you can give to someone who disrespects, hurts or degrades you, is to stay silent and just walk away.2

Don't think that this shows you've been defeated, because it absolutely does not.

It shows greater strength to know when to walk away and let your emotions settle, rather than flying off the handle in retaliation.2

It also silently allows the other person know the gravity of what they just said or did and lets them think about their actions.

Most likely, when you don't say anything at all, the person in the wrong will come to you and apologize.2

Keep Your Cool
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