8 Incredible Love Tips for a Scorpio ...


The Scorpio sign is a hard one to put your finger on, especially when you're looking for love tips for a Scorpio!

Scorpios are not like any other sign, in fact, there are no two alike.

If you're dating a Scorpio and at a complete loss about what to do in your relationship, take a look at my love tips for a Scorpio to really find out how to make your relationship work!

Trust me on this, you'll want to take a look!2

1. Don't Lie

This is absolutely one of the top love tips for a Scorpio that everyone should follow.2

They don't like to be lied to, especially when you are trying to impress them.2

Impress them by yourself and what you've done, not by lying about what you've done.

The reasoning?

Because you will be found out.

Trust me, Scorpions know when someone is lying.

2. No Bossing around

Oh, the Scorpios, they hate and I repeat, hate to be bossed around.

If you are in a relationship with a Scorpio, you've got to remember that they are the boss, not you.

That doesn't mean that you've got to lose your backbone (trust me, you'll learn more about this below), but you've got to approach things in just the right way!

3. Talk about Passions

Scorpios are very passionate people, as are a lot of the other signs, but they want you to talk about your passions with them.

Do you love to write?

Talk about it!

They love to hear about what their partner is thinking and what they are feeling.

The more passionate you are, the better the conversation will flow!

4. Don't Assume You're a Couple Too Soon

Scorpios don't like to be tamed right away, so if you are dating for a few months, don't automatically assume that you are a couple.

This is something that you're going to have to ease into and talk about, before just assuming.

Remember, they don't like to be caged, so again, you've got to approach this one right.

Have a Backbone
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