5. Need Financial Stability

This sign, while they might like things simple (we'll go into that), they also need to feel financially stable.

They don't want to be lavished in expensive gives, but they definitely know the value of a dollar and they want to make sure that they have financial independence and don't have to count every single dollar.

Simplistic is Best


Heather Jensen
Yep! Just search Capricorn in our search bar and you'll find it! This was the last sign, so all of the signs should be there!
Is there one for a Capricorn?
So I'm a Taurus and so is the hubby lol. We rarely clash but when we do it's huge and usually been brewing for a while. Passive-aggressiveness I think is also a Taurus trait lol
So true!! We like to be the dominant partner
steff luv
Very accurate
Trueee! Altho I did learn to compromise. If I want A en someone else wants B, we shall make an AB :p
Garima Pabla
This is really accurate! I'm a taurean myself.
Andrea Prado
Feel like I just read a biography on myself lol
Heather Jensen
Yep! Here you go. http://love.allwomenstalk.com/fabulous-love-tips-for-a-gemini/
Is there one for Gemini?
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