21 Incredibly Steamy Sex Tips for a Scorpio ...


Oh, all of the sex tips for a Scorpio out there could be true, but how can you be sure? All of you Scorpios out there know what you like, but do you know exactly what sex tips for a Scorpio to share with your partners? Well, I've combined all of the top sex tips for your particular sign and I've got them below! These really work and they will get your Scorpio partner all hot and bothered, boys and girls, so take a look!

1. Likes Mystery

If you are dating a Scorpio, you've got to remember that they like a ton of mystery. They want something that is unknown to them and they want to be surprised by it! This is absolutely one of the top sex tips for a Scorpio that you should pay attention to. Whether you are incorporating mystery into the actual sex act or the foreplay, it's your choice!

Masks & Blindfolds


True! :)
&#x 263a; so true..
Kenadi Lynn
gabby Birsinger
Make one for a taures!
Leo :)
Charles Henry
Speaking as a Scorpio I have to agree yes yes and yes to all!
Preeti D. Patel
What about the other signs?
Heather Jensen
Comin' up!!
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