8 Indisputable Signs He's Not over Her ...


He's Not Over Her – do you know how to tell?

Believe it or not, when I was with my last boyfriend, we played the 'he's not over her' game quite a bit, but I picked up on the signs.2

If you are thinking that your boyfriend might not be over his ex, you should check out the top 8 signs he's not over her yet!

1. Constantly Talks about Her

It's pretty normal for a guy to talk about his ex to his current girlfriend – however, not excessively.

It's not normal for the guy to keep bringing up the girl that got away to the girl that's still by his side.

This is absolutely and totally the first he's not over her sign that you should watch out for.

Just pay attention to how much he talks about her, how much he brings her up in daily conversations – if it's a ton, you know he's not over her yet.

2. Keeps Old Pictures

It's perfectly normal to keep a few pictures of past relationships – I have a few myself, but is it normal to display them everywhere?

Is it normal to still have a picture of you two as your Facebook default picture?

Sometimes it's hard to be blunt, but if he has pictures of his ex all over, you're gonna have to confront him because he's not over her.

3. Distant during Sex

If you are at the point in your relationship where you are having sex, do you notice a distance?

Does he seem to be thinking about someone else?

Does he even mumble his ex's name during sex?

These are all warning signs ladies that he ain't over her and maybe you should either talk to him or move on.

4. Comparisons

Do you constantly feel compared to your boy's ex-girlfriend?

Does he constantly mention all the little things that she used to do … that you don't?

This is definitely a sign that he's not over her!

No one should ever compare their current girlfriend to an ex and vise versa ladies!

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