25 Inexpensive πŸ’Έ Gifts for Valentine's Day πŸ’• for Your Man πŸ’‘ ...

You readers asked for it, and we answered – here is your post on some fab and clever inexpensive gifts for Valentine's Day that are sure to make your man feel special, without breaking the bank!

Whether your man is obsessed with cameras or if he is just looking for a way to groom himself, these inexpensive gifts for Valentine's Day are super unique, but still inexpensive!

1. Yummy-scented Candle


Most guys like the ambience of a candle, but they’re not so fond of the typical flowery, overly-sweet scents.

This one, though, is divine, with a more distinct manly scent.

Price: $14.00 at amazon.com

Millennium Falcon Metal Bottle Opener