7 Interesting Dating Strategies to Borrow from Disney Princesses ...


Dating Strategies can be picked up just anywhere these days – in the magazines, on the internet, hey, I bet even your mom has a couple of good ones you’d want to know.

And, then, again, there are some places, things and people you’d never expect to learn any dating strategies from like, umm… I don’t know… board meetings, cookbooks, horror movies or even children’s movies.

Well, let’s not jump to conclusions just yet, especially when it comes to good old Disney movies, because those ladies have managed to snag their Princes and, although it all looks very innocent and unplanned, there might me more to it than just love at first sight.

Yes, Disney princesses certainly used some serious dating strategies to annihilate the competition and here’s what we could learn or borrow from them:

1. Cinderella: Don’t Be Too out There

Cinderella: Don’t Be Too out There

Cinderella was no fool, that’s for sure and she certainly chose a perfect timing to run away and leave the prince longing to have her in his arms again!

If she stayed she would have been exposed as a dirty maid but she ran instead choosing to be a mysterious beauty and the only woman in the kingdom prince has to work for.

We all love an adventure, we love that sweet taste of uncertainty and we certainly love a challenge – that’s what makes the dating so fun and the lack of it makes relationships fall into a rut!

The ideal scenario?

Show him that you like him, be honest and be yourself but don’t let him think that you’re sitting by the phone all day waiting for his call.

Don’t offer to reorganize your entire day according to his schedule, suggest a compromise (different day) instead and don’t feel obligated to tell him your entire life story right away.

Snow White: Don’t Give up Your Male Friends


love the article
Reza Baimbanq
@hplessromantic, hi..,honey....
hey y'all there's this guy i'm dating he's kinda weird once in like a week he cals up or i do and we have a loong i hr kind of talk which is a lot of fun but he rarely calls other than that time. i need help!!! i miss him all the time!!!!
Hi Deb! Why does he 'hate' you? Did you two have a fight?
I love it if only my prince now it he hates me and it breaks my heart should I talk to him
Taylor Brennan
i really didn't expect this article to be this way, but this is very amazing and something to think about. I'll be the best disney princess ill ever be! :)
hey thanks this helped a lot! I like this guy but he likes another girl, so I've been trying to subtly hint without throwing myself at him. Plus the girl he likes is nice so I don't want to make things bad between me and her. Hey readers-- I'd love it if you would check out my blog sometime! I'll post the URL here:http://thelifeofsomebodydifferent.edublogs.org/ Go to the About Me page on the right to learn a little about what I write about! Pass me along to your friends!
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