3. Little Mermaid: Less Talk, More Body Language

You don’t have to be very talkative to win his heart and there is definitely no reason to be nervous simply because you lack verbal skills! Ariel couldn’t talk at all and she still managed to get that gorgeous hunk go head over heels for her! Her secret? Body language! Most people don’t really pay a lot of attention to their body language and are completely unaware of the fact that it often speaks louder than words, which means that learning to communicate on this subconscious, almost primal level could make things much easier. It also means you don’t have to crawl under a rock or spend your free time trying to avoid him in case you’ve said something embarrassing because he might even think that was cute. Remember, Ariel used a fork as a personal grooming device and, regardless of how embarrassing and utterly weird that was, it didn’t make her hunk wish to dump her back into the sea.