2. Smile


I’ve read a lot of surveys about the things men notice first in women and in almost all of them, a beautiful smile came second on the list.

Well, that’s not very surprising because, after all, who doesn’t like to look at a person with a nice smile?

A lot of research has shown that when you first meet someone, no matter where you are, a nice but genuine smile indicates interest.

So, try to smile more often because you never know who will fall in love with your smile.



I'm a lesbian and I go for the following; eyes,lips/smile, arms/muscles, hands/nails or rather lack of nails.... Haha .... I'm a fem that only dates studs... I've been told by exs & my gf now that my eyes attracted them first, than my lips/smiles, butt/hips/thighs, hair, stomach...
Well sometimes guys like whats actually on the inside not on the outside and if they don't like that then it's their loss not our's/your's....but u do want to be presenting too...you don't want to make a fool of yourself when u meet that special someone. RIGHT?
always looking for something good from a women while they 're a piece of shi ..tt..😷
hey , why yours guy cares much . when they are really nice person , honest and truly fall in love with you .. they will love everything about you . there is no compared ... only he is an A type guys and player ca
too many men are insecure jerks that assassinate a woman's happiness just because they must feel superior. and should a woman complain the jerk will say, oh she's just a jealous xxxxx and complains because I won't lower my standards to screw such a ????. there is no way to win. these jerk men will push it all the way to suicide by making up lies that isolate women from family and friends and then bully them to suicide. society needs to identify these jerk publicly and daily until they move away from the human population.
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