3. Hair


Apparently, another thing most men notice first in a woman is her beautiful and healthy hair.2

So, maybe all those long hours spent at the hairdresser aren’t in vain after all.

Research has shown that most men think that hair which is healthy, stylish, shiny and sleek is a sign of health and youth.

Some surveys have shown that men would like to be with someone with natural, long, flowing, soft hair that smells amazing too.2



Okay, I really like this guy. I'm asian and I have scars on my legs and I think they are noticeable. What do you think the guy would care or notice?
Your eyes have nothing to do with your speech. There is no scientific proof regarding it
I just wanted to say how lovely it was to see pictures of real looking women used in this article 😍 All gorgeous and healthy looking. Thanks for a real representation of women. Interesting article too!
@Cailin Ellis 😊
@cailin Ellis u r rite guys do think so 😊
Cailin Ellis
My guy friends just said the correct order is butt, boobs, and then face. And the girls better be well dressed! Lolz
Very "interesting" things..,...
My husband liked my butt and boobs, the rest was a bonus😊
Well my husband seems to agree with this list...so I suppose there is some truth.
Cee Cee
I agree with Splashhh.. Some men are attracted to personality within seconds. The shallow ones notice physical attributes within several seconds!!!
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