Is This Why You're Still in Your Dead-End Relationship?


You’ve been in your relationship for some time now but you’ve known for quite some time it isn’t going anywhere.

You go through the motions of being together and the romantic investment has fizzled out to practically nothing.2

So why are you still in your dead-end relationship?

1. You Think You Can’t Live without Him

You Think You Can’t Live without Him

One of the reasons you stay with him could be that you think that you can’t live without him.

In most of these cases, what you actually can’t live without is the thought of a partner, and this feeling is not necessarily exclusive to the boyfriend that you have now.

The relationship is at a complete end and you can very much live without him;

it’s all about aligning your thoughts with a bigger picture instead of pinning them all on him.

2. You Don’t Want to Be Alone

You Don’t Want to Be Alone

This can be a very common reason for women to stay in relationship that, in truth, reached its final destination long ago.

The thought of being alone, especially when you have been somebody’s girlfriend for a long time, can seem incredibly daunting and scary, but you have to push this fear away and do what is truly best for you.

Give yourself the opportunity to move on from this dead-end and potentially find solace in a healthier, truer romance.

3. You Don’t Want to Hurt His Feelings

You Don’t Want to Hurt His Feelings

Sometimes you can be way too nice for your own good!

This particular issue most commonly arises when a women is in a bad relationship but is one of those types of people who absolutely hate conflict and confrontation.

Sure, you can be in the relationship that makes you unhappy, but god forbid telling him the truth and risk upsetting him!

Does that sound familiar?

4. You Enjoy the Stability

You Enjoy the Stability

It may be the case that you are totally over the romantic side of the dead-end relationship, but you stay in it because you have come to rely on and enjoy the kind of stability that having a long term boyfriend can bring.

Though you might gain some financial or general lifestyle comfort from sticking around, you know deep down that staying like this forever won’t do you or him any good.

You Keep Hoping It Will Change
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