Is This Why You're Still in Your Dead-End Relationship?


You’ve been in your relationship for some time now but you’ve known for quite some time it isn’t going anywhere. You go through the motions of being together and the romantic investment has fizzled out to practically nothing. So why are you still in your dead-end relationship?

1. You Think You Can’t Live without Him

You Think You Can’t Live without Him

One of the reasons you stay with him could be that you think that you can’t live without him. In most of these cases, what you actually can’t live without is the thought of a partner, and this feeling is not necessarily exclusive to the boyfriend that you have now. The relationship is at a complete end and you can very much live without him; it’s all about aligning your thoughts with a bigger picture instead of pinning them all on him.

You Don’t Want to Be Alone


Casey Egan
I'm basically only in it because I'm scared of hurting him, I really do care about him so I'm really stuck but I can't do this anymore
I am going through all of these issues. I am in a 4 years relationship, I don't admire him and I don't feel attractive to him anymore. I think I just don't love him anymore, but I am so afraid to assu...
Terri-Anne EarthAngel Adair
This was me! Very good article. But I found the strength to move on and I am happy.
5/7. Im currently trying to get out of my 6 years relationship, but he doesnt want to.
Do not waste time! Get out! Giving my ex 10 years will be my biggest regret in my death bed
I just don't feel like breaking a new guy in. It's so very exhausting. When I do feel like moving on, I will. There's something to be said for a comfortable warm sweater.
I'm in the situation where I feel like I can't be without him I'm really scared to be alone.
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