Is Your Boyfriend Taking Advantage of You?


Do you have the suspicion that your boyfriend is taking advantage of you? Does it feel like your relationship is one-sided, and you're doing all the work to keep it going? Here are some indications that your boyfriend could be taking advantage of you …

1. You do Everything for Him

If you live with your boyfriend, do you do everything for him? Has he always got excuses for not doing his share around the house? Or if you don't live together, is he always asking you to get his dry cleaning or do his laundry? If he's treating you like his mother and somehow gets you to do everything for him, he's taking advantage of you.

He Never Puts You First - It's All about Him


All of this except the last one
Alex Fleming
This happened to me a few years ago. I was younger and naive. So many lessons learnt since then. Never again! Be warned ladies!
Aaaw love the pic, she needs a wip, ^_^
Sooooo me . That's why I dumped his ass ages ago
I've experienced this 😣 so shameless..
This totally happened to me with my ex. Don't let this happen to you, ladies!
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