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When you and your boyfriend are having a dull day, there are kissing games you can play. They aren't too provocative, so you shouldn't feel uncomfortable while playing them with your partner. The point is to have fun, so make sure that you're both in the mood for some sensual entertainment. Here are some of the best kissing games to play with your partner the next time you see him and can't wait to touch his lips:

1. Magic Words

One or both of you should come up with a magic word, like 'sweetie.' Don't tell your partner what the word is, because each time he uses it in a sentence, you'll give him a kiss. Keep the game going until he guesses what the magic word is. This is one of the kissing games that is incredibly fun to play, because you can do it all day.

Who Will Last Longer


what do you do
@Rooble9, start with the piece of candy. Unknowingly put a piece in your mouth as you go for a kiss. and let the games begin ;)
Phillip macavity
Excus my Anglian. This is a rate way to spruce up you are relationship I kiss my boyfriend like that all the time for long time. Great game thanks you. Ita geta my boyfriend inta the sack fore looong tame.
The pocky game is another one, try that and if you don't know what it is just look it up
Arsalon Amini-Hajibashi
Hey. This is a fun way to spice up romance in a relationship. Thanks for the great post:) -Aphroditieswish.com
How do I get my boyfriend to play these with me I feel like if I ask him he will freak out
l'm gonna try number 4 on my boyfriend
#1 & #6 are too cute >~
How will what to play those games
People you are the scaring
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