3. Lots of Compliments

You're a girl, she's a girl, what girl doesn't like compliments?

Honestly, if someone tells you that you are beautiful or even pulls a little line on you, it's all flattering isn't it?

Try a few compliments out and see how far it gets you!

Have a Sense of Humor


I'm in a relationship with a straight guy and I just want to leave I wanna be with a woman because it would be honest and real
Oh my goddess! Thank you for this post! I liked an girl for quit awhile I'm super shy and don't know how to approach her I'll give these tips an try! ☺️
@Marz,lol i can help you with that
I enjoy reading the post because most of us are clueless on what to say or do. I'm very reserved so when I am around others, I will observe and see if it's safe to engage. I want to make sure that I bring value to a conversation or when I meet someone for the first time.
@laura, Hey
Bob Johnson
Interesting how everything involving LGBT+ people attracts people who will quote the bible and yell at people. She wasn't looking for a debate, she was writing an article for lesbian people. If you're so against it, don't go looking for it!
Priyanka Chandra
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