3. Lots of Compliments

You're a girl, she's a girl, what girl doesn't like compliments?

Honestly, if someone tells you that you are beautiful or even pulls a little line on you, it's all flattering isn't it?

Try a few compliments out and see how far it gets you!

Have a Sense of Humor


Sandy Jones
Kaelsi Alexzandria
Great Advice
These tips are very helpful.
Tristan Alexis Harmon
Love this :)
Heather Jensen
Aww! Thank you! :)
Barbro Andersen
Yes, keep these coming! Been with my girl for almost 8 years now, and these tips are great!
Chloé Evelyn Lamb
I don't even know half the time who lesbians are am I am not a les so maybe thats why i cant tell so well.. i am the only one who feels this way? Is there a secret way to tell ?
Salt HeartNza
I see
Heather Jensen
Hi Ka! Thanks for the comment! Agreed! I will keep 'em coming. :) Thanks for the comment and for the feedback!
Ka Yeng Vang
I really appreciate these tips because I know how hard it can be approaching a girl. I know because my girlfriend had it hard due to some circumstances. In the end, we ended up together and it's been so wonderful! I could not have asked for more. Thanks again. I'd love to see more topics on lesbians (anything) because its hard to find anything on lesbians.
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