7 Lessons about Love You Learn from a Break up ...


Going through a break up is tough.

You may feel sad or have regrets about the relationship.2

One good thing about going through a break up is that you’ll probably learn some lessons about love.2

Those lessons can help you going forward in future relationships.

1. Love Has to Be Freely Given

One important lesson to learn about love is that it has to be freely given.

You can’t force someone to care for you, no matter how badly you want them to.2

Generally this is a lesson you learn if you were the one that didn’t want the breakup and still had feelings for your boy/girlfriend.

I think this lesson helps you to realize what makes love so precious.

It’s a complete and total gift.

You Can’t Change Someone


sometimes even though you love a person it just isnt meant to be doesnt mean it makes it any easier
Good article
Franccesca Parodi
Aww great article! Breaking up is so hard, but it won't kill you, it will make you stronger and more aware. Deciding if there is still a chance or if it's over is very challenging. .
As hard as it to accept #7 is so very true. Living in a world of instant gratification causes this to be even more difficult. But, we also learn patience, which is always a good thing!
Love urself more than u love ur partner
Very true
Queen B
Wanita Brown
Sure I have learnt to know what to watch out for in a relationship
Very true. Number 1 especially
Very true!! Great article
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