4. Spiderman Kiss

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All thanks to the movie.

One partner is inverted (or upside down).

Breath Kiss


Think Starting slowly and building intensity.
Ruby Palima
Spiderman kiss 😍😍😍
Most of them...
My man and I do them all :)
Vina Nguyen
Aw... I have my first kiss by the neck when my boyfriend leans on my body while gently comes down and gives me a sexy (neck kiss)lol,it was romantic πŸ’
Vina Nguyen
I wish that me and my boyfriend have the French kiss and other romantic ways coz we only kiss each other during sex lol
Just saying,that pic of Zayn and Perrie gave me feels 😩
Isabella Coles
Pretty sure I've ticked off most on this list :P and lots of eskimo kisses lol!
peony blue
So erotic...πŸ’₯
My man and I do them all, it's just natural for us. The French kiss was the only awkward one at first though. He's the only one I've been comfortable to do that with.
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