4. Spiderman Kiss

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All thanks to the movie. One partner is inverted (or upside down).

Breath Kiss


I don't have a boyfriend so you all should be lucky you have someone to kissπŸ˜‚πŸ˜«
Is French kissing hard I don't want to suck I need some step by step guide πŸ˜‚
Penelope Luke Himming
my boyfriend want us to kiss longer what do i do i
Okay. I'm gonna play know it all now. Eskimo kiss is actually no real kiss. The official defenition of kiss if the touching of lips anywhere. And the eskimos don't rub their noses. They kiss in all the ways we others do.
Malaina Carneiro
I only knew a few wow
Haha, my boyfriend is terrified of #21 but it doesn't stop me from kissing him with a fresh coat of lipstick
Sadaf Fukumlary
kiss on neck is always very erotish,
Think Starting slowly and building intensity.
Ruby Palima
Spiderman kiss 😍😍😍
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