7 Lessons to Learn from a Breakup ...


Goodness, there are many lessons to learn from a breakup, aren’t there?

If you are going through a breakup right now or just got over a breakup, don’t look at it as time wasted because whether you’re consciously aware or not, there are lessons to learn from a breakup.

Think of this article as a way to get through this tough time alongside someone who wants to open your eyes to a different side of breaking up.

1. Find out What You like and Don’t like

One of the most powerful lessons to learn from a breakup is that you find out what you like and don’t like about the guys out there.

Obviously there are a lot of eligible bachelors out there, but just because some guy has X and Y doesn’t mean he’s got the whole package that will make you want to seal the deal.

After a breakup, really analyze what you liked in the guy and what you didn’t – this will help you make better choices moving forward.3

Don’t Give Your Heart up Too Quickly


how are you meant to know if you should get back with your ex? I feel like I should and my friends think he is good for me but I broke up with him last time and I'm afraid that I'll feel the same way and break up again, there are so many quotes like "like is about taking chances" and all this that I never know what to do
I rushed back into a relationship with my ex in January 2014. I don't know what I was thinking I guess when I saw him I forgot everything he did to me and how he treated me like I was a dog. But now he and I aren't together anymore we broke up. And to be honest I didn't feel like his girlfriend I felt like I was being played, played second that is. He told me to go hell when he and I got into an argument. Never met my parents never made effort to see me or anything it was just plain excuses. Don't ever go back to your ex if he just chasing you keep walking don't turn around. Trust me he will soon regret what he lost and what he isn't getting back. Don't just settle for anyone and life, go for someone that deserves you, adores you, and is willing to make it up to you whenever he does something wrong. You are just one step closer to find the right person though in a break up. I've decided to take a break from relationships for a while. I'm in high school right now turning 18 in November. I want to date a boy that is at least a little older than me not to much and someone who is at least close to the same page as me. I won't settle for anyone less than who I deserve.
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