7 Lessons to Learn from a Breakup ...


Goodness, there are many lessons to learn from a breakup, aren’t there?

If you are going through a breakup right now or just got over a breakup, don’t look at it as time wasted because whether you’re consciously aware or not, there are lessons to learn from a breakup.

Think of this article as a way to get through this tough time alongside someone who wants to open your eyes to a different side of breaking up.

1. Find out What You like and Don’t like

One of the most powerful lessons to learn from a breakup is that you find out what you like and don’t like about the guys out there.

Obviously there are a lot of eligible bachelors out there, but just because some guy has X and Y doesn’t mean he’s got the whole package that will make you want to seal the deal.

After a breakup, really analyze what you liked in the guy and what you didn’t – this will help you make better choices moving forward.

Don’t Give Your Heart up Too Quickly


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Check out my blog hittinglifehard.blogspot.com Talks about my breakup and my life You may enjoy or feel better about yours
am going through break up right now! we work together, i feel like crying every time i c him! i broken up with him 4 gud reason but it's hard! he's ma first 4 everything!!! i didn't know what to do til i read ur article...thank you so much..i will read it every time i feel down! God bless!
my boyfriend and i are currently on a break. i love him very much .... he told me he wants to spend the rest of his life with me. he has an addition problem he is trying to sort out. its very hard as we were in a long distance relationship. it's been 7 wks and im getting stronger ..... starting to see a lot of his faults really. time really is a good thing. gives u a lot of perspective. im willing to get back together ..... but if we dont i think I'll be ok. im a lot stronger now. im just sharing this in case it can help anyone else going thru a breakup. i would say ...... relax, calm down , dont text him at all . time is your friend. :)
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