4. Purely Powerful

Men may hold more positions of power than women, but neither is more powerful than the other. Women have shown that they are strong enough to fight to earn their rights and to keep them. We live in a time where most people realize that all humans are equal. Gender doesnโ€™t determine how strong a person is. It no longer defines what one is and isnโ€™t capable of.

Sleeping around Town


I was born and raised in the south and all the guys around me were taught to always pay for a woman for at least the first couple of months of dating! I agree, chivalry still exists ladies!!
Isabella Coles
I put my hand up for No. 7 - anyone else with me? Us girls should make a move sometimes!
I hare the fact that when women are sleeping around they are the bad ones, while men are like heroes for doing the same f*cking thing!
Emma Ruth
this has made my understanding of men a little clearer in my mind thank you!
So truuue!
Michelle Tong
Good article...
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