4. I Never do This

If he’s trying to hookup with you on a first date or during a party, he might come across as sketchy.

He doesn’t want you to think you’re ‘just another girl’ to him, so he’ll tell you that he never has random hookups.

Of course, he’ll tell the next girl the same thing.

It’s a way to make you feel special so that he can have his way.

I Have a High Paying Job


I think this goes both ways for men and women. How many go to ladies night. For what free drinks and flirt when your flat broke? Stroke the ego and play the game perhaps. I've seen both sides of the coin and everyone lies. I wished it was different but now days there is not much trust out there
Barney Stinson....
Has a guy ever lied to me in order to get me into bed? How much space do we have....lols...and these are only seven...but in fairness to men, there are lots of ladies out there who simply demand to be shown the money, so I can be a little more forgiving about #5...any guy who comes on with the "I'm single" or "I never do this" is clearly desperate; and "I just want to cuddle" usually translates into " I have been laid in over six months", and that streak won't be ending with me...I usually say something like "let's just talk," & that sends them packing ✊
These are must the tip of the iceberg! There are so many more and also worse lues. These were the common, little ones.
Lil Lou Lou
Hahahaha my friend is a straight playa and that guy gets them hooked. I keep telling him what an @$$#o|3 he is cuz when a real guy like me comes along with real heart felt feelings he gets laughed at thinking he's try to just get some or women just don't give them the benefit of the doubt. Good guys and good women end payin for it because they only miss out. Patience I guess. No wonder good guys finish last.
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