5. I Have a High Paying Job

Some women are more attracted to men with higher incomes. If a guy thinks that a fat wallet will impress you, he’ll lie about his job. He’ll tell you that he makes six figures, or that he recently got promoted. He’ll say whatever he can to make himself look good. He doesn’t realize that you care more about his personality than his paycheck.

I Can’t Wait to Be a Father


So freaking true! I've heard it all! They'll say anything, and even when u know the truth, they'll still come up with other BS to get u in bed!
Especially complimenting to and telling you what's gonna happen after you guy hook...they are piss takers :/
They say anything when they are keen on getting whatever is they have in mind from a woman
All BS
How about men telling a woman how he's NEVER experienced this or that with any other woman than you to make you feel extra special lol 😐
the number 1 lie is im single. happen to me was devastating because he was married.
I had an ex, who had a girlfriend and kept calling me to ask me if he could sleep at my place, because he broke up with his girlfriend. (He obviously never did!) i was being very naive..
so true! plus #6 would only scare me away! Who meets a guy for the first time and wants to hear him say "I want to be a father" Wayy too fast buddy.
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