5. I Have a High Paying Job

Some women are more attracted to men with higher incomes.

If a guy thinks that a fat wallet will impress you, heโ€™ll lie about his job.2

Heโ€™ll tell you that he makes six figures, or that he recently got promoted.

Heโ€™ll say whatever he can to make himself look good.

He doesnโ€™t realize that you care more about his personality than his paycheck.

I Canโ€™t Wait to Be a Father


Tina Peacock Evans
I've had the one where all he wants to do is cuddle! Girls I just call them out on what they are......playas! And, no, it never works.
Niamh Jordan
Could you's do an article on like not being into anyone I'm at this time in my life had a really long relationship then a really bad one straight after I've been single nearly a year and a half but I'm not into anyone & just so judgemental about anyone who even tries it on, is it weird that I have no crushes cause I was always the type of girl who had
Niamh Jordan
This guy who's trying to get with me at the moment he says I've never met anyone I've so much in common with hahaha were complete opposites
If a man told me on a first date he couldn't wait to be a Father, I would run away so fast I'd leave a permanent indentation in the door !!! :0
A guy actually used the "I can't wait to be father" line...smh and no it did not work.
This is just hilarious because some are true.
So freaking true! I've heard it all! They'll say anything, and even when u know the truth, they'll still come up with other BS to get u in bed!
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