7 Lies Millennials Tell about Sex ...


Unfortunately, a lot of people lie when it comes to sex. According to Ask Men, here are the most common things millennials lie about in the bedroom:

1. "I’ll Call You.”

"I’ll Call You.”

Some men only want you for sex. As soon as they get what they want, they won't bother calling you the next day.

"You’re the Best I’ve Ever Had.”


Good to know that millennials are just like every other generation 😏
strike millenials. enter all men.
The FIRST** cohort
The cohort of millenials are in their early 30's. So the 14/15 statement isn't right. Also, girls are millenials as well so it's not just guys she's talking about..
Milenials are not just 14 and 15 lol they're kids that grew up in the 2000's
It says millenials but most millenials are only going to be 14/15
I don't think #4 is true.. I don't think all men are mansluts or are they? There are good and abstinent men out there right?
Way to generalize men, a lot of my friends do these.and why would I brag about my sex life to my friends? I know most guys don't do that.why would we?
Jenny Sarah Peck Kauffmann
This isn't just millennials this is MEN from EVERY generation!!! Stop thinking you are so different than everyone else, millennials !!
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